6 March 1989
Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Cherry Hill High School West - Cherry Hill NJ (2003 - 2007)
Rutgers University - Camden NJ (2007)
West Chester University of Pennsylvania - West Chester PA (2008 present)
Interests: (119)
a clockwork orange, aerosol hairspray, alex de large, american history x, antiques roadshow, autumn, black phoenix alchemy lab, booty shorts, boston, bpal, bruises, cameos, canadian accents, candy, charlie, christmas, classical music, cold pizza, college dictionaries, color coordination, coloring my hair, conan o'brien, consistency, crank yankers, cynicism, demetri martin, denis leary, diet coke, dreams, dunkaroos, ebay, edward norton, er, ewan mcgregor, eyeliner, fall, film scores, flat-irons, forks, free food, fritos, giant now and laters, gingham, go karts, grey's anatomy, hearts, hockey, houndstooth, ian somerhalder, ice hockey, ireland, irish dancing, italian salad dressing, jimmy urine, john leguizamo, jolly ranchers, jon stewart, jude law, king of pizza, lace, law & order svu, lemon drops, lemons, lolly pops, lost, lust, malcolm mcdowell, men in uniform, midol, mike birbiglia, mike richards, mini golf, miniskirts, mitch hedberg, mosh girl, moulin rouge, movies, music, musical comedy, my camera, my cat, october, orchids, patrick sharp, photography, post-its, presents, radiohead, rain, random acts of kindness, reese cups, reno 911, rollercoasters, rubies, salad works, salt, sleeping in, south park, spaghettios, spontaneity, spring, stand-up comedy, strawberries, tacos, tealights, the beach, tootsie pops, tootsie rolls, trainspotting, trey parker, tweezers, umbrellas, van gogh, weekends, white-out, wild flowers, will forte, winter, words
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dot dot dot.
Mandy. 20. Girl. NJ. Penchant for clothes, Jelly Belly Sours, hockey, photography, boys, and spring. Left-handed. Like me? Add me. Just know that I hardly update my journal anymore and I'm pretty lazy so I don't comment just for the hell of it. But I *will* read your journal. :)
thanks molly. <3.

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